Hello, my name is Carolyn! I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a Health and Wellness Coach and a body acceptance and anti-diet activist. I believe in taking a weight-neutral, anti-diet approach to fitness that rejects Diet Culture and embraces each individuals unique needs. I help people develop a positive relationship with fitness that is rooted in self-compassion, self-care, and self-love.

I specialize in helping people with a history of disordered eating reclaim movement and make life-enhancing lifestyle changes that have nothing to do with body size or appearance.

I believe in a better fitness industry. One that promotes safe and affirming exercise instruction that challenges our culture’s weight-centric view of health and fitness. All people in all types of bodies deserve to move in ways that feel good, bring joy, and add value to life. This is what I strive to provide for my private clients, patreon subscribers, and social media followers.

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