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Hello, my name is Carolyn! I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a Health and Wellness Coach and a body acceptance and anti-diet activist. My work is based in body-positivity and HAES. I help my clients reject diet culture, heal their body image and learn to engage in exercise and good nutrition in a way that serves them physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


My mission is to help my clients build habits that lead to vibrant health, killer confidence, and a balanced life.

Health and wellness go so far beyond just diet an exercise. Anyone who has tried to make a change in their health knows that just going on a diet or following a pre-made exercise program is usually not enough to see the results that they want.

For truly life changing results, health and wellness must be approached in a holistic way that addresses the many factors that can affect they way our bodies feel and function.


In order to help my clients achieve the results that they want, I take an individualized, holistic approach using the four main pillars of health and wellness.


  • Daily movement, weekly workouts, and mobility/flexibility work are all included in a client’s fitness strategy. When working with clients on their fitness, I focus on safety, consistency, and enjoyment for optimal results.


  • My clients are NOT put on strict diets or cookie-cutter meal plans. My nutritional strategy focuses on intuitive eating, unlearning harmful dieting behaviors, and eating in a way that is both enjoyable and nutritionally sufficient.

Stress Management

  • Stress management is the invisible saboteur of health and wellness. Sleep hygiene, meditative practices, intuitive work, and breathing technique help my clients find balance in their busy lives while they work towards their goals.


  • Meaningful changes to health and wellness only come from a place of self-respect. While improved dietary and fitness habits are essential to improving health, in the end, self-worth and happiness come not from one’s body, but from one’s mind. I help my clients embark on their wellness journeys with empowerment and self-compassion.

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