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Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand when you are trying to reach a goal or improve your health. There are plenty of workout and diet programs out there, but a cookie cutter program designed to work for everyone is ideal for no one. My custom Combined Plans are designed to compliment each other and fit perfectly into your life to reach your individual goals. By using a unified strategy that incorporates both fitness and nutrition, you are setting yourself up to reach your goals faster and more effectively!

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What you get: Your Combined Plan comes with a consultation appointment and printable downloads of your Custom Nutrition Plan, and Custom Workout Plan. You Combined Plan will be based on your goals, lifestyle, current skill set, and access to workout equipment and food.

How It works: Within 24 hours after purchasing your plan, you will be contacted by me to set up an appointment for our consultation. The consultation can happen over the phone or via Skype and usually last about an hour. During this consultation, I will ask you a number of important questions about your goals and health history. I will use this information to make a plan that is customized to your needs!

Within one week after completing the consultation, you will receive an email with your Custom Nutrition Plan and Custom Workout Plan. Now is the fun part! Follow the plans as I designed them for you and start getting results!

Need Extra Help? If you are feeling like you need a little more support, don’t worry, I’m here for you! We can take care of quick questions and clarifications easily over email. If you have a big question or find yourself in a situation that won’t let you complete the program (i.e. you get injured at work or discover you have a food intolerance) we can schedule a phone call or skype session to resolve the issue and get you back on track.

With the right plan and a little support, you CAN reach your goals! Get your Combined Plan today or contact me with any questions.

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