10 Things You Risk Losing When You Give Up On Your Weight Loss Goals

Before you read any further, I need to tell you that this post is NOT going to help you stick to your weight loss goals. If that is what you are looking for, sorry! I guess my clickbait title worked. But, wait! Before you leave, I recommend you read anyway. While this isn’t your typical “motivational” weight loss blog post, I think you may find it inspiring in another way.

See, it is my belief that no one needs to actively pursue weight loss. There is virtually no clinical research that shows that intentional weight loss has long term success rates or health benefits. Making lifestyle changes that improve health and quality of life sometimes lead to weight loss, but it is important to remember that it is not the weight loss that ultimately caused these improvements. They are separate effects of the same set of behavior changes.

More often than not, the pursuit for weight loss just results in poor body image, disordered eating behaviors, and a diminished ability to put energy and focus into what really matters to you.

That being said, there are a number of things you risk losing when you decide to give up on a weight loss goal. Read through the list and decide for yourself if it seems worth it. 😉


When you decide to give up your weight loss goals, you risk losing:

1.) The intense fear of eating certain foods because they may cause weight gain.

2.) The belief that your food choices say anything about you as a good or bad person

3.) The guilt associated with “over-eating” “emotional eating” or any other way of eating that someone else arbitrarily decided is “wrong.”

4.) The FOMO you get when you decline a social invitation because you are worried about the food that might be there

5.) The shame you feel when you “mess up,” “indulge,” or “eat off plan”

6.) The intense food cravings that intensify the more you try to ignore them

7.) The never-ending restrict/binge cycle that always leave feeling like a disgusting, shameful mess.

8.) The feeling of absolute failure when the perfectionist in you can’t live up to unreasonable expectations for your behavior and appearance.

9.) The negative self-talk that makes you feel worthless and unloveable.

10.) Any fucks you might have left about what other people might think about you, your body, and your food choices.

So tell me, are you willing to risk losing these things?

If you are and you want guidance in starting your journey to food freedom, self-love, and body confidence, I am here for you. I have helped many people of all genders reject diet culture, accept their bodies, and open up space and energy to pursue their true passions. You are not on this planet to change your body – that is not your purpose. Let’s break through the bullshit together.

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