Roasted Root Vegetables With Herbs

I know everyone gets excited about pumpkin-flavored everything this time of year, and I do too, but the savory fall flavors are some of my favorites. When I lived up in New England, one of my favorite things about fall was going to the farmers market to get all kinds of seasonal goodies, covering themContinue reading “Roasted Root Vegetables With Herbs”

Things That Are Actually Good For You (and Things That Aren’t)

Wanna know what really annoys me? Well, it’s two things really. 1.) I find it really awful how much the fitness/nutrition/medical worlds conflate weight with health. (here’s my insta post today where I break it down) It’s to the point where it is really confusing and harming people. Including you and I! How often have you seenContinue reading “Things That Are Actually Good For You (and Things That Aren’t)”

5 Diet Culture Lies to Let Go of this Bikini Season

Oh, “bikini season.” Also known as summer, you were once a time of year characterized by sunshine, salt water, and two-months of school-free bliss. But now that I am an adult, it seems like all I hear anyone talk about this time of year is how behind they are on their pre-beach weight loss pursuits.Continue reading “5 Diet Culture Lies to Let Go of this Bikini Season”

I Finally Stopped Hating Pictures of Myself

This post was originally sent as an email to my mailing list. Fill in the form below to get on the list and get content like this straight to your inbox! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Before I found body positivity, I hated pictures. Well, to be honest, I really liked theContinue reading “I Finally Stopped Hating Pictures of Myself”

The Truth About How to Feel “Healthy and Confident”

When I meet with a new client for the first time and ask them what they hope to gain from working with me, they almost always answer with some variation of: “I just want to feel healthy and confident in my body.” At first, this sounds great! After all, my goal as a coach, healthContinue reading “The Truth About How to Feel “Healthy and Confident””