[Video] Fitness Myths Busted!

There are so many fitness myths out there. Some of them are based on outdated science, some are misinterpretations of good advice, and some, well, I don’t even know where some of them come from! In this video I dig into three common myths that come up all the time when I am training clients.Continue reading “[Video] Fitness Myths Busted!”

Do-Anywhere Body Weight Workout

In my Instagram story a couple of days ago, I asked my lovely followers what type of blog post you wanted to see from me next. I got so many requests for a workout, so here you go! I love this workout because it is low impact, but still challenging, and can be done anywhereContinue reading “Do-Anywhere Body Weight Workout”

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Workout Program

So, you are thinking about starting a new fitness plan. That’s great! Having a solid plan to stick to makes it easier to see consistent progress and reach your goals. Maybe you have downloaded a cool looking plan from a trainer you follow on Instragram, or you are thinking about joining a fitness challenge atContinue reading “3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Workout Program”

Weight Loss Is Bull***t

I have been in the health and fitness game for a few years now. I have worked in gyms, in people’s homes, and online guiding clients through their health, fitness, and weight loss (let’s be honest, primarily weight loss) journeys. As the years go by I am continually learning and growing as a coach andContinue reading “Weight Loss Is Bull***t”

5 Easy and Realistic Ways to Move More Even If You Are Stuck at a Desk All Day

In this day and age, it can sometimes seem impossible to get enough exercise. Between work, school, errands, and everything else, it can be easy to let the gym fall by the wayside. But just because you can’t find time for a formal workout, doesn’t mean your day needs to be completely void of movement.Continue reading 5 Easy and Realistic Ways to Move More Even If You Are Stuck at a Desk All Day

Why I am a Body Positive Trainer

The body positivity community is quickly growing on social media. Every day there are new posts by women and men baring their insecurities and embracing their bodies. These posts, and this movement, are meant to normalize a wider variety of bodies than what we typically see in media (read: thin, able, with clear skin, ect.)Continue reading “Why I am a Body Positive Trainer”

Crossfit Kicked My Butt

I don’t have any illusions that I am some kind of incredible athlete. Yes, I am a personal trainer, but unless I am the only one in the room, it is very unlikely that I am the fastest, strongest, or most mobile. And for damn sure I do not have the best endurance. After IContinue reading “Crossfit Kicked My Butt”