Health and Wellness Coaching

Are you tired of diets and workout programs that don’t seem to live up to everything they promise?  You are not alone.

Every year americans spend over $60 billion on diets and other programs that promise to change their bodies and improve their lives. Maybe you have experienced the “lifestyle change” roller coaster yourself. You clean up your diet, sign up for the classes, and watch the magic happen. It usually seems to be going well at first, but the moment you go on vacation or the eight-week program ends, you are back to square one – falling back into old habits and realizing you didn’t make any real, lasting progress.

The thing is, holistic health and wellness cannot be reached with diets and exercise programs alone. This is because fitness and nutrition are just a part of the health and wellness equation. In order to truly experience vibrant health and killer confidence, you address all of the factors that can effect your physical, mental, and emotional health. My coaching clients receive holistic guidance in all areas that impact their wellness including:

  • Nutrition – Say goodbye to dieting for good! Learn intuitive eating skills and nutrition strategies specific for your health goals.
  • Fitness planning – develop a flexible fitness strategy that makes fitness and movement an enjoyable part of your every day life.
  • Stress management – Stress has a big impact on our health and wellness. We will determine what your biggest stressors are and use techniques like meditation, journaling, movement, and sleep to manage them.
  • Body Image – We will explore exercises that foster body respect, trust, and acceptance, unlearn the limiting beliefs you have about your body, and guide you into the most confident, authentic version of you!
  • AND MORE! Everyone has different life experiences that can influence their physical, mental, and emotional health. My coaching is tailored to what makes your situation unique!

Coaching sessions will be driven by what you need the most that day. We will talk, journal, brainstorm, and strategize, to help you break bad habits, build new, healthy ones, and live the happy, healthy life you deserve!

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and scheduling is flexible. In addition to our scheduled sessions, you will also be able to contact me 7 days a week during the duration of our coaching relationship.

Coaching can be done online via Skype, over the phone, or in-person at a location convenient to Downtown Orlando.

Pricing starts at $130 a month.

Please contact me with any questions by emailing me at

Now is the time to completely change your body, your mind, and your life!

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