Do-Anywhere Body Weight Workout

In my Instagram story a couple of days ago, I asked my lovely followers what type of blog post you wanted to see from me next. I got so many requests for a workout, so here you go!

I love this workout because it is low impact, but still challenging, and can be done anywhere you can fit a yoga mat. In this video, I show you how to do all of the exercises. I recommend you do 3-4 rounds depending on how much time you have and how much of a challenge you want.



Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

  • Push-up to down dog push-up x 10
  • Single leg glute bridge hold with leg raise x 10 per side
  • Alternating single leg V-ups x 10 per side
  • Up-down planks x 10 per side
  • Side lunges x 10 per side
  • Superman planks x 10 per side

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